“Kambo” (also known as Cambo & Kampo) is a medicine that comes from the oily secretion of a large frog that lives high up in the tree canopies of the Amazon rainforest.


Traditional Use

Kambo has been used for centuries by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon for physical, emotional and spiritual healing of dis-ease.

It’s used in the jungle to treat Snake & Spider bites as well as Yellow Fever and Malaria.

In the Amazon it’s also taken by the natives before hunting to clear & focus the mind as well as to enhance physical speed, strength and stamina as well as improve vision.


Kambo is one of the tools the tribes use to get rid of something they call “Panema” – a build up, or cloud of negative energy surrounding a person, also described as bad luck (think of daffy duck and his bad luck – explained here).

There is more to be said of Panema here on the about Panema page.

When applied topically to humans Kambo activates a rapid physical, emotional and mental cleansing process.

Kambô USE in Medicine

Pharmaceutical companies are unable to make Kambo so it does not come in a pill or on prescription. It’s healing effects can only be experienced when applied directly to the skin in its 100% pure form – directly from the frog.

Due to the intense way Kambo works, people experiencing the medicine for the first time should seek the help of a Kambo practitioner. They’ll be able to answer any questions and guide you best.

Kambo Treatment for ‘Dis’-‘ease’.

The word ‘disease’ comes from two separate Latin words ‘dis‘ and ‘ease‘: that together mean to “not be at ease and harmony”.

Most western medical practitioners have forgotten the word dis-ease simply means not to be at ease, and treat symptoms with prescription drugs instead of treating the problem.

Beyond the physical aspect of dis-ease there also are emotional, mental and spiritual aspects to illness that drugs cannot cure.

However people turn to Kambo because it is a natural medicine that works to treat the root of the problem (which is not not always physical). Kambo is one way to bring the whole being and body back to a resting state of ease and harmony, by addressing the root causes of body’s experiencing ‘dis’-‘ease’.

Many users come to Kambo after exhausting the traditional western medical approach which treats only symptoms of physical and mental diagnoses often with pills which have been proven to be toxic when used over the long-term.

However, the native tribes know Kambo is not only a physical, emotional or mental experience. It also has a spiritual aspect; with most of the learning coming afterwards.

If you have questions then speaking to a Kambo practitioner could help you get a sense if Kambo is right for you.

The “Kambo Cleanse”

Many people take Kambo to detoxify the body.

Some people wish to improve mental clarity well as to improve circulation, reduce inflammation and boost energy levels.

Kambo is also said to cleanse the lymphatic system, the blood and the internal organs by drawing out toxins which can be seen in the end result of the process.

For the reasons above some people feel it helps to reverse damage caused by years of prescription drug use, alcohol use or drug abuse caused by trauma.

Taking Kambo 3 times within 28 days is what we call the “Kambo Cleanse” as this is said to completely reset the body and / or immune system.

Most people report significant changes after the “Kambo Cleanse”, with some individuals reporting life-changing effects.

Many people ask but “will it work for me?”.

We say experience is the best teacher.

A consultation with an experienced Kambo practitioner can help you understand if it’s something that may be right for your particular situation.

Kambo Benefits

After treatment users report many positive effects including:

  • feeling lighter,
  • less anger,
  • less stress,
  • elimination of anxiety
  • feelings of calm,
  • increased focus,
  • improvements in mental agility,
  • easier breathing,
  • increased lung capacity
  • elimination of brain fog,
  • increased mental clarity,
  • feeling free,
  • clearer skin,
  • improvements in appearance,
  • decreased hunger,
  • controlled weight loss,
  • improved mood,
  • as well as a general overall sense of health and well-being.

Scientific Research

Western scientific research on Kambo shows it to be extremely effective as a medicine due to it’s unique cocktail of amino-acids, peptides and neuro peptides that can only be found together in nature.

Cancer Research

Recent studies report just how powerful Kambo can be, describing how it promotes cancer cell death causing prostate tumours to self destruct through a process called Necrosis and a recent study describes how it contains new molecules with ‘interesting anti-tumour properties‘ useful in the ‘development of a new class of anticancer drugs’.

In 2016 it was shown Kambo is able to stop brain cancer from spreading.

Kambo is used as a treatment for

  • ADHD
  • Addiction
  • ALS (motor neuron disease)
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Anxiety
  • Blood circulation problems
  • Cancer
  • Chronic pain
  • Dementia
  • Depression
  • Fertility issues
  • Fever
  • High blood pressure
  • Infections
  • Migraines
  • Parkinson’s disease

Kambo Use in Eastern Medicine

In Eastern practice Kambo is a medicine said to be able to break down blockages in the heart chakra (the body’s main energy centre), as well as open up all seven chakras (energy centres), clearing the meridian lines (energy pathways in the body) associated with Chinese accupressure and accupuncture.

Chinese Chi / the Body as Energy

In Chinese medicine it is said that Kambo cleanses the body’s chi energy field (also written as “Qi”) and brings balance to the body, mind and spirit. It is also said to promote spiritual awareness and bring clarity to one’s life purpose.

History of Kambo

The Story of Kampu – Medicine Man

Many tribes claim the origin story of Kambo / Kampu is theirs including the Mayoruna, Matses, Marubo, Amahuaca, Kashinawa, Katukina, Yawanawá, and the Kaxinawá tribes.

However, Kampu was actually the name of the Shaman / medicine man whom the sick tribes people approached for help. The people were sick and fearful because none of the known medicines were working and the people were dying. Kampu offered to help the tribes by drinking the plant medicine Ayahuasca to bring help bring spritual awareness to the problem.

Kampu then had a dream where he met in the forest, the Great Spirit. Who showed him a frog, (sometimes named the Guardian Leaf) that lives up high in the trees of the rainforest that has an oil on it’s skin. If it’s oil is applied to humans, the Great spirit showed the people who trust it will become well.

It is said that because the frog lives up so high in the forest it has no predators. Even snakes cannot eat it. So it has no FEAR.

How Kambo is Collected

The medicine is collected from the frog during a brief process where the mating song is sung to bring the frogs down from the trees. The frog is captured whilst the secretion is collected. The frogs are considered sacred by the tribes and very important to their way of life so no frogs are harmed during the process.

Is Kambô Safe?

Yes but it is not for everybody.

It’s an intense but rewarding experience that requires you trust that you can do it.

The proverb “you are your own worst enemy” is true and the greatest fear comes before the leap of faith.

We have a saying;

If you don’t want to take Kambo that is exactly why & when you should take Kambo.


You are likely not a great candidate for taking Kambo if you:

  • Have or have had serious heart issues.
  • Have had a stroke.
  • Have had a brain haemorrhage.
  • Have or have had an aneurism or blood clot.
  • Are taking medication for low blood pressure (we have exceptions, please ask).
  • Are or may be pregnant.
  • Are breastfeeding a child under 6 months old.
  • Have a serious mental health condition (excluding Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and ADHD).
  • Lack the mental capacity to take Kambo.
  • Are undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy (or for 6 weeks afterwards).
  • Take immune-suppressants for organ transplant.
  • Have severe Epilepsy.
  • Are recovering from a major surgical operation.
  • Have low Cortisol levels in the blood.
  • Have used Bufo / 5MeO-DMT in the past 8 weeks.

Caution Advised

Please let us know in advance (for your safety) if you:

  • Are taking and medications (and which ones).
  • Have active drug or alcohol addictions (Important so we can discuss the different treatment options).
  • Are taking any slimming, steroids, serotonin and / or sleeping supplements.
  • Are fasting or have been fasting / water-fasting in the 7 days before Kambo (affects your body’s sodium level).
  • People who plan to use a sauna (FIR or other) or practice hot yoga 3 days before (or after) Kambo (affects your body’s sodium level).
  • People who have had enemas, colonics, liver flushes or any water based detox 3 days before (or after) taking Kambo (affects your body’s sodium level).
  • People who have been using distilled water for detox/fasting (affects your body’s sodium level).

Final Disclosures

Before turning up for a Kambo session it’s important that you have advised us if:

  • You have any chronic or serious medical conditions or any other issues we should be aware of.
  • You’re taking or have recently stopped taking any medications.
  • If you have abnormally high or low blood pressure.
  • If you have a history of seizures or fainting.
  • If you have asthma.
  • If you have Type I or Type II diabetes 
  • If you have ever been, or are currently bulimic or anorexic.
  • If you’re taking or have recently stopped taking any diet/slimming pills.
  • If you’re regularly taking anti-diuretic medication or sports drinks.

If you still have questions our blog may have the answers. Please read our FAQ if you still have unanswered questions before sending us a message.

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